A Welcome Message from Pastor Brad

Welcome to Calvary Chapel Little Rock! My wife, Brenda, and I are so happy that you would like to attend and we can't wait to meet you!

In the meantime, let me fill in some quick info on who we are and what our fellowship is about. First of all, we are an official affiliate of the Calvary Chapel Association of churches as started by Chuck Smith, and, therefore, you will find much that contributes to the unique style known as the Calvary Chapel Distinctives.

Sent by Calvary San Jose (where I served as an associate pastor for twelve years under Mike McClure), we began as a home fellowship back in April of 2015, and moved into our first outside-the-home facility in March 2017. In no time at all, we realized that small location wasn't going to last long, so within a couple of months, we moved into a larger space within the same business complex!

We're currently in the process of moving to our new home on Edgewood Drive in Maumelle...but with the CoVid-19 restrictions, we've hit some delays so we'll probably be a bit behind the church "re-opening" schedule for Arkansas. And we're okay resting in the Lord for that timing.

But, you know what's wonderful? "Church" doesn't happen because of a sanctuary or a building. Church happens when God's people draw together in relationship to worship the only One to whom worship is due: our God. Then God speaks through His Word into His people to challenge our thinking, change our hearts and basically conform us into the image of His Son. And our obedience also becomes our worship.

Our time in praise is simple: contemporary worship songs and modern hymns. Our teaching is expository, going chapter-by-chapter and verse-by-verse through books of the Bible. Our giving is not through passing the plate, but a giving box, trusting God to guide His people as they give.

As a senior pastor, my desire is that God would use every aspect of this church to grow His people to go change their world for Christ. I commit to teach God's Word with "fear and trembling," in the holiness it deserves...and the occasional "pastor humor" that I can't seem to avoid. I commit to show Christ's love to you and your family through a welcoming heart and in my prayers. I commit to strive to serve my God higher and deeper the longer I live, and to dwell within our community as a man of integrity, as a pastor, a police chaplain, a contractor, and a family man.

If you've been looking for a church that will encourage your walk to grow, will provide you with opportunities to serve, and will encourage you to change your world for Christ, then I truly hope you will check us out. I--and our whole church fellowship--look forward to meeting you real soon.


Pastor Brad



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